Quinads Participated on Top BTC community vote

Admin, Jan 2

Quinads participated on Top BTC community vote please help QUIN to Vote on TOPBTC.

About Top BTC :

Top BTC is a top 20 exchange

    - More than $100M daily volume
    - Does not require KYC to start trading
    - They are larger than both Bittrex and Poloniex
    - Seems fast and just works


Affiliate link if you don’t have an account yet:


3 TOPB per referral, all TOPB gained this way will put towards more votes for QUINADS.
So, even if you don’t plan to vote, please register under this link.

    - Chose English as language and go to the registration page: https://topbtc.com/home/account/reg.html


  • Enter your email twice, then click to get the validation code sent to your email address of choice
  • Once you receive your code, enter in the Code box and continue with the rest of the registration

Phone number is optional, registration is immediate, and we get 3 free TOPB to vote. Not much, but better than nothing. You’re helping just doing that.

To help more, you can actively vote:

What do you need for voting?

Only holders of TOPB, the exchange token, can vote.If you have a new account there, you have no TOPB, so you need to buy some.They have a USDT/BTC/ETH + TOPB pair.

Check which pairing will give you the most value, at time of writing this is the USDT:TOPB pairing.

Deposit ETH (or your choice of BTC/USDT)

  • Go to Finance (in top right near the sign out button) / Deposit
  • Select ETH
  • Click to get your deposit address

Send some ETH to the exchange (min is 0.05)

Trade for TOPB

  • Go to Market, ETH/TOPB


  • Go to the voting page
  • Click only the “Quinads” line
  • On the right, select how many votes you want to give. The amount you can give will depend if you chose free or paid voting, see below.
  • bottom, hit one of the buttons